Agriculture Outlook Spring 2020 was featured in the newspaper “The Lookout”

The Agriculture Outlook Spring 2020 report, published by moneris' Agriculture Skills Centre was highlighted by the newspaper The Lookout.
joao gomes mirante

The Agriculture Outlook Spring 2020report, published by moneris’ Agriculture Skills Centre was highlighted by the newspaper The Lookout.

This publication analyses the plant sector and the animal sector closely, gathering information on the national sector and the European Union, while giving an overview of the impacts of Covid-19, including the vision of some of the main players in the sector on the present and future.

This is an exceptional publication, which aims to share useful and relevant information for the necessary strategic redefinition of the sector, with some key data for decision-making and analysis of short-term impacts and production and consumption forecasts for 2020.

According to João Gomes, Partner of Moneris and Responsible for the Center for Agricultural Skills, this spring is undoubtedly marked by the global public health emergency, caused by the COVID-19 virus, and the spread of impacts was felt at various levels. Agriculture alone has faced a number of challenges and pressures, especially since food is at its core and it would therefore be unthinkable to stop and/or slow down the activities of the sector. We need to reposition the primary sector and give it due value and thus this crisis could be an opportunity.

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