International Desks

International Desks

In the context of an increasingly global and mobile market, Moneris has created international Desks to support its customers in a closer way.

Moneris International Desks offer their clients advice from a specialized group of accountants, supervisors and consultants, with proficiency in the languages of the countries of each desk.

Privileged relationships with an extensive network of professionals (Lawyers, Chambers of Commerce, Business Associations), as well as affiliation to the world’s largest independent network of accountants and lawyers, the MSI Global Alliance, enable frequent interaction with our network of partners worldwide, in order to ensure a bilateral service of excellence, both for foreign clients who need consulting in Portugal, both for Portuguese clients who require accounting, tax and management advice in relation to the context of internationalization across borders.

Our knowledge of the language, and in particular the two accounting, tax, legal-corporate framework and business cultures, allows us to offer our clients an integrated solution of specialized consulting services.

International Desks

French Desk

In the context of increasing internationalization, the Francophone market has shown an increasing interest in investing in the Portuguese market. It is essential to provide actors in commercial operations between countries, support in cross-cutting areas of management tailored to their expectations.

Moneris’ French Desk is composed of bilingual interlocutors or with excellent mastery of the French language, specialized in the Francophone market and with extensive experience in accounting, tax and management matters, in various sectors of activities.

Vânia Soares

Business Development

German Desk

In the context of increasing internationalization, the Portuguese has aroused particular interest on the part of these countries for its increasing complexity and internationalization.

Our knowledge of the language and, in particular, of the two accounting, tax, legal-corporate framework and business cultures, allows us to present, specialized monitoring and support in the cross-cutting areas of management.

Margarida Madeira


Spanish desk

In the context of increasing internationalization, the Castilian language market has a historical importance for Portugal.

In addition to our Iberian neighbors, LATAM countries have had an increasing weight in the Portuguese economy and represent a huge potential for domestic companies and businesses.

At Moneris’ Spanish Desk we are prepared to receive companies and investors from countries of affinity to the Spanish language and culture that need consulting in Portugal, as well as accompany portuguese entrepreneurs and investors looking to enter or develop their activity in Spain or LATAM.

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