Moneris is increasingly a professional services company that differentiates itself by its technological skills, combined with solid expertise in economic, financial, accounting, tax and human resources matters. In this purpose, Moneris Innovation Lab arises with the mission of putting our knowledge, in the various areas of knowledge and disciplines of business management, and our experience, in different sectors of activity and throughout the national territory, at the service of customers and the market.

Moneris Innovation Lab is an engine to support transformation and innovation in SMEs, acting as a digital trusted advisor to its customers and the market. Our focus on digital, as a means of creating sustainable value, is premised on improving performance, increasing productivity, a dedicated approach adapted to the context of the client and his business, with the adoption and acceleration of best business and management practices, minimizing costs and risks.

Our privileged position in the market allows us to expand our technological skills and the ability to integrate solutions, through a broad ecosystem of leading partners in innovation, providing tailor-made solutions to our customers. We share our best practices and collaborate with our technology suppliers to help our customers innovate and improve their productivity and performance, in compliance and in a competitive and sustainable way.

Services within the Moneris Innovation Lab

Strategic Plans of Information Systems
Define a strategy and integrated technological vision to support the business, capable of ensuring the sustainability of investments and value capture.

Strategic plans for the development of digital skills
Ensure that the value resulting from the adoption of digital and technological practices is properly incorporated by the organization, ensuring that Human Resources hold the appropriate knowledge and skills.

Interim management/ Project management
Assist organizations in the application of international best practices in project management, contributing decisively to the successful execution and completion of projects.

Change management of IT projects
Ensure the success of IT projects through an adequate governance model capable of ensuring the proper communication, sponsorship, mobilization and motivation necessary for success

Service Desk (Saas and IaaS)
Provide services of excellence, oriented to problem solving, with Service Level Agreements previously agreed and with detailed reporting of occurrences.

Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 Roadmap
Define an integrated vision of digital transformation of the business, with clear identification of digital projects and technological solutions to be undertaken, with scheduling, estimation of investments and potential sources of financing.

Support to obtain Digital Maturity Seals (certification)
Identify initiatives to be developed to achieve compliance with Digital Maturity, cybersecurity, accessibility, privacy and sustainability regulations, and support in the certification process to obtain bronze, silver and gold seals.

Innovation and new business models
Promote opportunities to develop new business models and support the management of the innovation cycle of new products and services, in close relationship with the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Application development
We put at the disposal of our customers all our knowledge and experience in software development, with the design and implementation of specific solutions according to customer requirements, also enhancing data integrations between the different softwares.
– ERP Spring
– Low code Salesforce Lightning
– ERP Prototype Management
– Fact – Gofact’s billing and management

Technological integration
Systems and data with expertise in ERP Primavera
– Interfaces between operational and management software
– Interface between online store and management software
– Interfaces between national and international software

Process Automation
We support companies to automate their processes, in order to reduce costs and increase their efficiency and productivity, using RPA’s (Robot Process Automation). In the age of digital transformation, we prepare your business for the future.

Business Analytics
We develop and implement Forecasting and Reporting tools that support the data analysis essential to the management of our clients. Increasingly, business-relevant information and data must be accessible to decision-makers at the right time for decision-making. This is an imperative of good management and an essential condition for companies to become more competitive and for making properly informed decisions.

Integrated HR management systems
We present solutions that allow companies to optimize the relationship with their employees, evaluate their performance and manage the monthly attendance processes, in a dematerialized and secure way, with access control and well-defined approval processes.
– Employee Self-Service
– Performance Evaluation

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment
We analyze the degree of exposure to risk and identify vulnerabilities in terms of computer security and access to sensitive data/information.

Cybersecurity Certification
We support the implementation and assurance of compliance with the requirements of DNP TS 4475-1:2021 and ISO 27000, and support the audit process to obtain the respective certifications.

We offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions so that our customers can have access to cloud infrastructures, shared or dedicated, where they can, with total security and service guarantee, make their applications available in a cloud environment.

We support our clients in the implementation of solutions that defend them from the main vulnerabilities of their IT infrastructures. Information security is increasingly a central theme in the IT strategies of any organization.

Innovation cycle management
Support throughout the entire innovation cycle of products or services, from idea generation, concept creation, pilot testing and commercialization, through interaction with our partners and the various innovation agents, namely the Technology Interface Centers and the recently created IHL (Digital Innovation Hubs), Test Beds and ZLT (Technological Free Zones).

Integration into the entrepreneurship ecosystem
Support in the conduction of initiatives inserted in the context of entrepreneurship, fostering the relationship between startups and companies, in the logic of exploring joint opportunities and implementing disruptive and business leverage solutions, through the involvement with our partners of the national ecosystem.

  • Study the compensation and benefits plan in place.
  • To present proposals for improvement, whether financial in nature, through savings or promoting internal and external equity.
  • Assess the expected quantitative and qualitative impact due to the implementation of the measures set out in relation to the compensation plan and benefits in force

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