Corporate restructuring processes are times of structural reorganisation in the life of companies, with the goal of improving operational and financial performance.

The volatile market environment, exposure to various risks and increasing complexity of organisational management models pose daily challenges to business management.

Often associated with corporate ownership changes or significant business changes, corporate restructuring aims to make these changes more profitable or better organised, taking account of current and future needs.

At Moneris we are aware that the success of restructuring processes involves the company’s strategic realignment, improvement of its operational processes, proper management of human resources and development of new value chain solutions, minimising, whenever possible, any need for equity capital increases or recourse to additional debt.

That’s why we have put together a team of trained professionals to guide your company through the various stages that make up a restructuring process.

Moneris has consultants specialising in the diagnosis, assessment and implementation of the tools necessary to assist corporate restructuring, with the goal of making processes more efficient and improving profitability levels, as well as consultants focusing on financial restructuring, based on debt renegotiation that allows the company to balance its cash commitments over a critical period.


Corporate Restructuring Processes

Aiming to make the company more competitive, the corporate restructuring processes focus on the economic aspect. They may arise as a result of transaction processes, aiming at a strategic repositioning of the company in accordance with the objectives of the new corporate structure, and often they are the basis of economic turnaround processes, as a result of a significant market contraction or change with strong economic impact on the company’s activity.

In this context, Moneris supports the entrepreneur by providing the following services:

  • Preparation of financial restructuring plans, including the preparation of business plans;
  • Credit negotiation and credit control;
  • Business recovery plans;
  • Preparation of files to attract institutional partners, venture capital, investors or lenders;
  • Promotion of specific legal and financial mechanisms.

Financial Restructuring Processes

Financial restructuring processes aim to achieve a balanced financial structure through debt service adjustment.

These are processes that are frequently associated with legal environments, such as the Special Revitalisation Process (PER) and the Insolvency Process with Recovery, and also with non-legal environments, such as SIREVE.

In this context, Moneris supports the entrepreneur by providing the following services:

  • Business viability analysis from a financial perspective;
  • Preparation of the Revitalisation Plan for economically viable companies that are going through periods of financial stress;
  • Preparation of the Recovery Plan for companies going through Insolvency Proceedings;
  • Negotiation of the Plan with the main creditors;
  • Monitoring implementation of the Plan at operational, accounting and tax levels.

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