Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

We continually promote technical excellence and technological innovation through Special Interest Groups , where we bring together the organisation’s most experienced specialists in each area, who identify trends and disseminate them throughout the organisation, enabling the continuous updating and cutting-edge solutions presented by our consultants.

The Moneris Special Interest Groups aim to

Issue technical content that informs our customers and the market
Develop services and solutions, supporting their implementation
Analyse, interpret and issue technical opinions (external scope)
Produce technical opinions and interpretations
Contribute actively to the quality and rigour of our services
Accompany the Speciality Colleges
Identify needs and define training activities

At Moneris we have as Special Interest Groups

Accounting Technical Committee

João Gomes


Paula Queiroga

João Nunes

Jorge Pires

António Ferro

Tax Technical Committee

Jorge Pires


Célia Nogueira

Rui Martin

João Gomes

Employment Technical Committee

Francisco Fernandes


António Torres

Carla Afonso


Elisabete Nunes

Nadine Souto

FIRD (Forum for Innovation, Research and Development)

Cláudia Borges


João Martins

Pedro Neves

Silvia Varela

Victor Pimentel

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