The tax aspect is nowadays a major factor for companies, both in terms of proper compliance with tax obligations and in terms of tax planning and optimisation of management decisions in accordance with the law.

Moneris’ tax services seek to provide clients with the essential tools for forecasting and managing the tax effects of their activity.

Our holistic approach to tax management comprehensively encompasses (re)design of the tax function and compliance with statutory, tax and accounting obligations.

Within the scope of tax advice and consultancy, we deliver a set of services and solutions that make us your company’s partner of choice, thus contributing to the success of your projects and business.

The scope and depth of the services we provide result from the combination of our professionals’ technical skills and a thorough knowledge of the various industry sectors.

Tax Services

Corporate Taxes

  • Regular tax advice and monitoring;
  • Regular tax advice and monitoring;
  • Tax diagnosis, planning and avoidance;
  • Support and monitoring of inspection actions by the Tax Administration;
  • Representation in the non-contentious phase of the tax procedure;
  • Management of the use and recovery of tax losses;
  • Analysis and quantification of deferred taxes and contingencies;
  • Tax optimisation of groups at national and international level;
  • Tax structuring of investments in Portugal and abroad;
  • Tax management of financing, debt restructuring and treasury operations;
  • Tax management of financing, debt restructuring and treasury operations;
  • Calculation and tax estimate of closing accounts;
  • Structuring of salary framework;
  • Impact analysis of anti-abuse provisions.

Indirect Taxes

  • Regular tax advice and monitoring;
  • Support and monitoring of inspection actions by the Tax Administration;
  • Tax optimisation projects in the area of VAT and other indirect taxes;
  • VAT recovery for debts in arrears and bad debts;
  • Support for implementation of electronic invoicing processes, invoice reporting and transport documents;
  • VAT, IEC and Customs Duty refunds;
  • International VAT Recovery;
  • Monthly VAT Repayment Claims (private charitable institutions).

Taxes on People and Property

  • Tax regime for non-habitual residents and similar regimes;
  • Copyright and similar rights;
  • Tax management of the acquisition, accumulation, holding and transfer of property, in Portugal or abroad;
  • Transfer of property and assets;
  • Foundations, trusts and charitable vehicles;
  • Family businesses;
  • Design, analysis, implementation and monitoring of remuneration policies, secondment policies and suchlike;
  • Analysis and framing of remuneration elements and their taxation;
  • Anticipating and maximising benefits arising from legally applicable contributory schemes;
  • Tax representations;
  • Preparation of IRS and other statements.

Transaction taxes

  • Mergers, acquisitions and reorganisations of corporate groups, including cross-border operations;
  • Tax structuring of investment vehicles and funds;
  • Tax structuring of interim and final financing;
  • Conducting buy-side due diligences, vendor due diligences and vendor assistance;
  • Structuring tax efficient acquisition or sales alternatives;
  • Tax support for the negotiation and review of purchase and sale contracts;
  • Calculation and management of tax risks arising from a sale, acquisition or reorganisation;
  • Support for implementation of the tax-efficient solutions adopted, after the conclusion of the acquisition and monitoring of their impacts;
  • Preparation of the activity of the company or group to maximise the return from divestment;
  • Multinational group tax report (CbCR).

Transfer Pricing

  • Review and diagnosis of transfer pricing policy;
  • Support for the definition and implementation of transfer pricing policies;
  • Preparation of comparability analyses to identify market terms and conditions;
  • Group value chain analysis for tax optimisation and effective global tax rate management;
  • Preparation, request, negotiation and implementation of Preliminary Transfer Price Agreements (PTPA);
  • Preparation, organisation, updating and review of transfer pricing documentation;
  • Analysis and implementation of ‘Country by Country’ reports.

Tax risk management

  • Identification and management of risks and challenges arising from change;
  • Solution to the need to increase tax function transparency;
  • Conducting detailed reviews of tax function risk management;
  • Development and implementation of detailed schedules for tax function transformation;
  • Development and implementation of detailed schedules for tax function transformation;
  • Tax disputes.

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