Knowledge Centres

Knowledge Centres

The Moneris fruit of its geographic dispersion holds a unique and differentiator know-how. Therefore, Moneris continuously invests in the development of specialization focused on the sector.

Our commitment to time and resources allows us to anticipate market needs and/or trends and develop a clear vision on relevant industry issues.

Our professionals can provide valuable information on diversified management issues such as accounting, tax, and consultancy in a range of economic sectors.

We develop Knowledge Centres that allow us to think proactively in the most varied markets and in their trends and challenges. We have assembled a group of experienced and skilled professionals in industries and sectors, with the aim of developing integrated and specialized solutions that respond to them.

At Moneris we have as Knowledge Centres


We accompany hundreds of agricultural entrepreneurs throughout the country, to whom we dedicate a set of specialized services and solutions and directed to their specific needs.

At Moneris we see Agriculture as a comprehensive sector, considering that it is part not only of traditional agricultural activities (cultivation, livestock and forest), but also those related to fisheries and agro-industry.

We work the entire value chain, from research and innovation, to the available funding channels.


João Gomes


Cecília Gaspar

João Nunes

Jorge Pires

Pedro Neto


Our Education Knowledge Center is prepared to keep up with the challenges facing the sector, particularly in terms of competitiveness between educational establishments, innovation in the methodologies adopted, the qualification of teachers and not partnerships with the business world and transactions carried out.

Our expert consultants have a comprehensive perspective on Education, working on resetting student experience and outcomes, achieving, institutional performance and impact, organizational and operational efficiency, risk management, the implications of new technologies and digital, analysis and transformation of statistical data, expansion to new markets or in the consolidation and sustainability of the institution.

At Moneris’ Education Knowledge Center we have developed a model to support the specific management for the sector, which serves as support to managers and market agents, for a conscious and informed decision-making.


Armando Inocentes


Henrique Ferreirinha

Rui Almeida

Social sector

The Social Economy, due to its special context, presents challenges of various order, in its most varied frameworks, whether in the scope of management, legal or fiscal.

With full awareness of the contingencies and specificities facing the entities that integrate this universe, Moneris has developed a Knowledge Center in the Social Sector, which not only gives answers to the challenges of the sector, but also thinks of strategic way for the development of the Social Economy.


António Ferro

Armando Inocentes

Domingos Nascimento

Nuno Gomes

Pedro Neto


The growth of tourism and the challenges facing the sector, at the financial, technological, legal, informative and competitive level, led us to bring together a team of experts giving rise to moneris’s Tourism Knowledge Center.

We intend to be a business partner with a range of 360º because we share the objectives and challenges that companies face and assist in the government of society through the elaboration, analysis and interpretation of financial reporting as well as the study of sustainability and feasibility of the activity.


Carlos Rosa


Ana Louro

Armando Inocentes

Rita Soares

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