About us

Moneris has a customer-focused approach with an integrated offering of services and solutions that delivers 360-degree management support to organisations, promoting excellence in financial information and improving decision-making processes that are critical for their success.

We are the largest national accounting and management support group, present from the north to the south of Portugal, with a network of 20 offices supported by some 300 consultants.

Our services are provided by teams with a deep knowledge of all industry sectors, meaning that each client benefits from the support of professionals who understand their challenges and help them to overcome every obstacle. Knowing our customers well is essential to us so that we can actively respond to their needs.

Over the years we have built strong, close and lasting relationships with our customers, who demonstrate their appreciation of us with their trust and loyalty.

We believe in best practices, and we promote them in the market and in society. We organise various initiatives that aim to decode the complexity of business world issues and consider their impact on the social context, contributing to their dissemination to the public and creating value in organisations.

“Our growth and development have characterized by our constant capacity for adaptation and innovation. We follow international market trends and anticipate the needs of our customers.”

Rui Almeida, CEO & Managing Partner

Our values

We share a set of core values that define our identity and guide the actions and behaviors of our employees.

These consist of a set of principles and standards of conduct that determine how we act. Our values are:


Value creation



International presence

We are part of one of the world’s largest networks of auditing, accounting and legal firms – MSI GlobalAlliance
– with a presence in more than 100 countries worldwide and more than 10,000 professionals.

By joining MSI, we have expanded our ability to provide specialist support, together with leading partners, to Portuguese companies seeking internationalisation in its most varied forms or looking to identify and study other markets in order to develop their activity.


We are aware of our corporate responsibility
and therefore consider quality and risk management to be key factors in our group culture.

All our services, departments, processes and methodologies are therefore covered by ISO 9001 certification, guaranteeing our customers service excellence.

We have developed services and solutions that today position us as a broad spectrum accounting and consulting firm.

Special Interest Groups

PWe continually promote technical excellence and technological innovation through Special Interest Groups, where we bring together the organisation’s most experienced specialists in each area, who identify trends and disseminate them throughout the organisation, enabling the continuous updating and cutting-edge solutions presented by our consultants. 

  • Accounting Technical Committee
  • Tax Technical Committee
  • Employment Technical Committee
  • IRDF (Innovation, Research and Development Forum)

Knowledge Centres

Our Knowledge Centres allow us to think proactively about the most varied markets and their trends and challenges. 

We have brought together a group of experienced and qualified professionals from different industries and sectors to develop integrated and specialised solutions for each challenge.

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Social Sector
  • Information Systems
  • Tourism

International Desks

We have professionals who are experienced in various languages.

We have developed the International Desks according to what we perceive to be the needs and expectations of markets.

These are focused on investors and clients from German-speaking, French-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries, respectively. 

English is a language that is prevalent throughout the Moneris universe. 

  • French Desk
  • German Desk
  • Spanish Desk

Innovation Lab

Nossa mentalidade orientada para o crescimento e foco contínuo em tecnologia e inovação nos levaram a criar um novo ecossistema, que chamamos de Moneris Innovation Lab (MIL).

O nosso objetivo é buscar uma transformação digital e uma agenda disruptiva por meio de um spin-off que abraçará a próxima evolução da automação de processos, tornando-os mais inteligentes e melhores, com uma ênfase clara na eficiência, conhecimento e na entrega de valor aos nossos clientes.

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