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Moneris has a customer-centric approach, with an integrated offer of services and solutions that allows organizations to support 360 degrees in the area of management, promoting the excellence of financial information and the improvement of critical decision-making processes For your success.

We are the largest national group of accounting and management support, present from north to south of Portugal, with a network of 20 offices supported by approximately 300 consultants.

Our services are guaranteed by teams, with a deep knowledge in all sectors of activity, which means that each client benefits from the support of professionals who understand their challenges and accompany them in each obstacle. Knowing our customers well is essential to us so that we can actively respond to your needs.

Over the years we have built strong, narrow and lasting relationships with our clients, who value us with their trust and fidelity.

We believe in best practices and promote them with the market and society. We organize several initiatives that seek to decode the complexity of the themes of the business world and reflect on its impact on the social context, contributing to its dissemination with public opinion, creating value in organizations.

"Our growth and development have been characterised by our constant ability to adapt and innovate. We follow international market trends and anticipate the needs of our customers."

Rui Almeida CEO | Administrador | Pres. da Comissão Executiva

Our values

We share a set of fundamental values that define our identity and guide the actions and behaviors of our employees. These consist of a set of principles and standards of conduct that determine how we act. Our values are:

  • Sharing;
  • Value creation;
  • Requirement;
  • Integrity.

Commitment to quality

ISO 9001 Certification

We are aware of our corporate responsibility and, in this way, we consider that quality and risk management are key factors in our group culture. Thus, the certification of ISO 9001 standard covers all our services, departments, processes and methodologies, assuring our customers a service of excellence.

Knowledge Centers

We continually promote technical excellence and technological innovation through knowledge centers, where we gather the most experienced specialists in each area, who identify trends and indocent the entire organization, allowing Continuous update and the vanguard in the solutions presented by our consultants.

Competence Centers

Our competence centres allow us to think proactively in the most varied markets and in their trends and challenges. We have assembled a group of experienced and skilled professionals in industries and sectors, to develop integrated and specialized solutions that respond to them.

International desks

We have professionals who are experienced in various languages. Following what we perceive to be the needs and expectations of the markets, we have developed a German Desk and a French Desk, focused on investors and customers from German or French speaking countries, respectively. English and Spanish are languages, equally disseminated throughout the Moneris universe. We have hundreds of customers who feel comfortable interacting with us in their native languages.

International presence

We integrate one of the world’s largest network of auditing, accounting and legal services companies – MSI Global Alliance – with presence in more than 100 countries around the world and more than 10,000 professionals. In this way, we expand our capacity to support Portuguese companies seeking internationalization in their most different ways

Social Responsibility

We take on the challenge of being a reference partner before the communities where it operates, with a view to promoting their social and economic development, in line with the defined strategy. In this context, we join GRACE – Group for Reflection and Support for Corporate Citizenship, a pioneering, non-profit association exclusively dedicated to the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility, with the aim of:

  • promote the development of the communities in which it is inserted;
  • promote ethical behaviour based on their values, with a concern for the economy, people and the environment;
  • respect and promote human rights, fundamental labour rights, equality and transparency;
  • respect the rule of law and act in accordance with national and international laws, standards, regulations and good practices, as well as implement practices aimed at preventing corruption in all its forms;
  • promote sustainability, in particular in adopting innovative solutions in terms of eco-efficiency and sustainable mobility, saving resources, and adopting more environmentally friendly practices;
  • inform and clarify customers about quality aspects in order to ensure the privacy and protection of their personal data.

Diversity and Inclusion

Rui Almeida CEO

It is increasingly agreed that promoting Diversity and Inclusion policies is essential to ensure healthy economic and business growth.

It is essential that the progress of societies is based on equal opportunities for all, indiscriminately, ensuring full, fair and integrated social development.

Recent and increasingly frequent demonstrations around the world against racism, violence and discrimination are a manifesto of this global awareness, which moves towards values of equality and prosperity.

At Moneris, we prioritize and value a culture of diversity, well present in our hair dna, multicultural, transgenerational and that does not discriminate against anyone based on the color of their skin, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, gender, physical condition, age, or based on their faith or religion.

As an economic agent with a strong social responsibility, present from north to south of the country, Moneris intends to continue to inspire confidence and contribute to change in the world in which we live, for a more just, cohesing and supportive future.

At Moneris, we will remain committed to defending our values, including integrity and sharing, without limitation, that conform to the best practices and principles of Diversity and Inclusion.

We intend to continue to attract, develop and retain different profiles and talents that can increase the value of our human capital. For Moneris, diversity is considered an essential factor, so that we can have a more comprehensive and plural vision.

This is also our social commitment, which we make before society, and with the communities where we are inserted and in which we make an impact.

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