Cláudia Borges is promoted to Partner and takes over the leadership of MIL

Cláudia Borges as Partner, who until now took over the application services area, is promoted to Partner of Moneris and assumes the leadership of Innovation Lab (MIL), as of January 2024.

Cláudia has been on the staff of Moneris since 2012, having in recent years assumed the responsibility of managing the application services area, leading the team that ensures the operation of the technological suite that supports the company, based on multiple software that prove to be essential in the provision of our services and in the daily management of Moneris.

He has also taken over the coordination of our FIID (Innovation, Research and Development Forum), which allows us to intercept operational and business needs with the technological response and information systems.

Finally, Claúdia has played a pivotal role in the Digital Transformation area of Moneris and corresponding ongoing developments, namely with a view to the process of accelerating automation and dematerialization of our activity

Cláudia will thus be, as Partner of Moneris Innovation Lab, responsible for leading this technological and innovation ecosystem at Moneris, namely in the areas of:

  • Application Service (application and software themes)
  • Infrastructure (hardware and network themes)
  • Digital Transformation
  • Technological Consulting (business area focused on customers)
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