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Agriculture: Spring Outlook

A look at the impacts of COVID-19 on the agricultural sector.

Spring 2020 is marked by the context of a global pandemic associated with COVID-19. The impacts felt on the world economy are mainly due to the closure of borders, the containment measures imposed by most of the affected countries, as well as the loss of consumer confidence.

All sectors of activity were impacted – some with total income losses, such as Tourism, others with additional market pressure, as was the case with Agriculture in general.

In this publication of the Moneris Agricultural Skills Center, we look closely at the plant and animal sector, gathering some statistical data, which, although provisional, can give us an overview of the impacts of COVID-19, as well as the vision of some of the main players in the sector.

“Agriculture: Outlook Primavera” is an exceptional publication, aimed at entrepreneurs and managers of the agricultural sector, which aims to share useful and relevant information for the necessary strategic redefinition of the sector, with some key data for decision making, and the analysis of short-term impacts and production and consumption forecasts for 2020.

How can Moneris help?

With a multidisciplinary team specialized in the agricultural sector, the Moneris Agricultural Skills Center brings together industry experience with proficiency in crisis management scenarios.

In this time of doubts and uncertainties, it is essential to develop diagnoses and correct planning, so that companies and organizations can adequately manage the risks inherent to their performance in the market, making the best decisions, focusing on the essentials: adaptation and success.

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