PRR | Requalification and expansion of the network of equipment and social responses

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Applications to the PRR are open to private institutions of social solidarity (IPSS) and equivalent, the Municipalities and other Public Entities, as well as private non-profit rights entities, of public utility, which have in the scope of their statutory object the social area.

This is a lost fund support, with the full reimbursement of eligible expenditure (support rate of 100% up to the limit of the standard cost per user), and the creation of new posts in the identified social responses is an essential condition for the approval of the application.

Applications until February 22, 2022

Eligible social responses

  • Day care center;
  • Residential Structure for The Old (ERPI);
  • Day Center;
  • Home Support Service (SAD);
  • Center for Activities and Training for Inclusion (CACI);
  • Autonomous Residence, provided that it is not coupled to any other social response of a residential nature.

Project typologies

  1. Projects aimed at the construction of the root of new social equipment, to reinforce the response to the most pressing needs of the populations, especially the territories with a low coverage;
  2. Projects aimed at the remodeling, expansion and adaptation of infrastructure;
  3. Projects that promote the conversion of social equipment, to develop new social responses in order to respond to the territorial needs diagnosed;
  4. Projects aimed at the acquisition of building or fraction and its adaptation for the installation of social equipment.

Eligible expenditure

  1. Construction of root, expansion, remodeling, rehabilitation and/or reconstruction of building or autonomous fraction for development of eligible social response;
  2. Acquisition of building or fraction for development of the eligible social response.


  • The support takes the form of a non-reimbursable grant, taking the form of reimbursement of eligible costs actually incurred and paid.
  • The support rate is 100% of the eligible investment calculated up to the limit of the standard cost of construction per user.

How can Moneris help?

In the Corporate Finance area of Moneris we maintain a special focus on Community Incentives, with a specialized team that has already accompanied numerous companies in their applications for structural funds, with an approval rate of 91%.

In the context of the social economy, we also have experts from our Social Sector Skills Centre, who understand the specificities and vulnerabilities of one of the sectors most fragile by the pandemic, and who could benefit from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), a programme that will implement a set of reforms and investments aimed at resuming sustained economic growth, after the pandemic, reinforcing the goal of convergence with Europe over the next decade.

In the context of the PRR, applications are somewhat complex, so we advise them to prepare in a timely manner. For the requalification and extension of the network of equipment and social responses, applications are only open until February 22, 2022.

Contact us for more information for the email We frame your project without compromise.

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