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Incentive system for adapting the activity of social responses

Applications are open for the Social Adapt + Programme, a system of incentives aimed at mitigating the increased costs for the restoration of the working conditions of social responses.

In particular, the costs of acquiring personal protective equipment for workers and users, sanitizing equipment, disinfection contracts, costs of training workers, reorganisation of workplaces and changes in the layout of the equipment of social responses are supported.

The beneficiary entities are private institutions of social solidarity, or legally equated, which have cooperation with the ISS, I. P., for the development of social responses and private entities that develop licensed social support activities, as well as the entities representing those sectors, for projects of its associates.

The projects carried out under this program are submitted by an eligible entity, to the district centers of the ISS, I.P. where the entity has its registered office, through its own form and sent to an e-mail address created for this purpose and available on the social security website.

Two types of applications have been opened to the Adapt Social + Programme, which can be submitted by 30 September 2020:

  1. Applications for eligible support and/or expenditure not exceeding €10,000.
  2. Applications for vocational training – projects that are used to carry out vocational training actions for workers in social responses are eligible, in the context of projects submitted by the representative entities of the social and solidarity sector and the profitable sector.

How can Moneris help?
At a time when managers’ focus is on preparing and adapting to return to business, Moneris’ Corporate Finance team is committed to helping its clients resume their activity with the support and incentives available and adaptable to their needs.

In the context of the social economy, we also have the experts of our Social Sector Competence Center, who understand the specificities and vulnerabilities of one of the sectors most fragile by the pandemic.

For these types of incentives, the early preparation of the application and necessary elements is essential, as these are often limited funds and made available in order of entry of applications.

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