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Sometimes the right support is enough.

The growing challenges facing the competitiveness of companies, in an increasingly global market, and the need to ensure the best financing conditions to support their growth and development, have brought the theme of support and Investment incentives for the top priorities of organisations.

In Portugal, several investment incentive schemes are available at Community and extra level, which allow companies to obtain public support for the financing of their projects, whether in a perspective of Internationalization, innovation, technological development or qualification.

We work on the various strategic aspects of support and incentives to create value for organizations, guaranteeing an integrated consultancy and comprehensive monitoring of their needs, with a multidisciplinary team specializing in three dynamics: the Community incentives, tax incentives and internationalization.

We have developed a single set of competences in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship financing, innovation management and research and technological development projects, combining expertise in these areas with a Deep knowledge of different sectors of economic activity.

Our investment advisory and fundraising services for the development of business activities are transversal to all programs and support measures, ensuring a response that comprises a diversified range of Needs of your business and maximizes the funding of available sources of financing.

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