Portugal 2020’s last competition promotes innovation in the business fabric

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Incentive System for Productive Innovation – Portugal 2020’s last competition promotes innovation in the business fabric

The opening of the last major competition of Portugal 2020, the System of Incentives for Productive Innovation, which promotes the production of new or significantly improved differentiated transmarketable and internationalized goods and services, of quality and with a high level of national incorporation, is approaching.

For companies that have urgency to start their investment project, it is already possible to submit the Aid Application Register, so that you can frame the investments made from this moment in the application to Productive Innovation.

Companies wishing to:

  • Create a new establishment; Or
  • Increase the capacity of an existing establishment; Or
  • Diversify production for products and/or services not previously produced; Or
  • Change the overall production process of an establishment.

Financing Fees vary depending on the size of the company and the amount of investment, and can reach support of up to 75% of the investment, divided as follows:

  • 50% of support through non-reimbursable incentive;
  • 50% of support through an interest-free bank loan.

The Project should have a maximum duration of 24 months, with a minimum investment of 75,000 euros, and a maximum of 25 million euros.

How can Moneris help?

In the Corporate Finance area of Moneris we maintain a special focus on Community Incentives, with a specialized team that has already accompanied numerous companies in their applications for structural funds, with an approval rate of 91%.

In addition to the application process, our team is also present throughout the project implementation period, in order to ensure the maximization of the co-financing to be obtained.

In this final stretch of the Community framework, with increasingly reduced appropriations, it is crucial for the success of the application to prepare projects in a timely manner.

Contact us for more information for the email incentivos@moneris.pt. We frame your project without compromise.

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