Moneris plan for gradual return to offices

After seven weeks of mandatory confinement and huge restrictions on the functioning of the economy and economic activities, we are now entering a new stage.

After seven weeks of necessary mandatory confinement, severe restrictions imposed on the operation of a wide range of economic activities, as well as the inevitable disruption of our common life in society, we are now entering a new stage: progressive de-confinement.

These challenging times require us to define new routines and procedures, so that we can return to a new normal, which will continue marked by various limitations and restrictions, until we have a sustained control of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

At Moneris, we will begin a gradual and progressive return to the offices from next Thursday, May 7, with strict and restrictive rules and measures to minimize the risk of contagion, ensuring the best conditions of hygiene and safety of the spaces and creating rules for the necessary distancing is met.

To ensure the safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners, we have defined very specific contact rules and objective limitations, which here is:

  • Only 1/3 of our consultants will be working simultaneously in the offices (about 100 employees from north to south of the country);
  • The remaining 2/3 of our consultants will continue to work from home, on a telework basis, as so far, with full availability (more than 200 employees throughout the country);
  • Meetings will preferably be held using telephone conference or video calls, but if the face-to-face meeting is unavoidable, it should have a maximum limitation of 6 people (depending on the spaces);
  • Travel to customers will continue to be restricted, considering at this stage not advised;
  • Correspondence (whatever it may be) received at moneris offices, will comply with between 24 and 72 hours of quarantine, so that it will be essential to send it in advance, in particular in the case of accounting, tax or other documentation, in which compliance with legal deadlines is concerned;
  • Mandatory use of masks by employees, customers, suppliers, or service providers, whenever they access our facilities;
  • Solutions for hand hygiene and antiseptic gel will be available at fixed points in the offices;
  • Compliance with the safety distance in the workstations, meeting rooms and common spaces.

Our teams will remain available to be at your side in a committed way, ensuring our customers the continuity and quality of the service provided by Moneris.

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