Moneris is present at the first Local Economics Forum

Press Release murça

The first Local Forum of Economics, organized and promoted by the Municipality of Murça, took place in the Municipal Auditorium of Murça.

It was a mixed event that combined the physical and digital presence, constituted as a pilot in the realization of other initiatives in the pandemic and post-pathamic period.

The opening of the session was attended by the Mayor of Murça, Mário Artur Correia Lopes.

The Forum highlighted the importance of sharing responsibilities in territorial development, from a perspective of cooperation and integrated development, as well as the relevant linkbetween sociocultural assets in the creation of differentiating and competitive offers in the territory.

Armando Serapicos, Manager of Moneris, presented the main axes of community funding and best practices in the stages of preparation and implementation of co-financed projects.

The Local Economic Forum aimed to raise awareness of local and regional business fabric of the importance of digitization of business under the INCoDe.2030 and Industry 4.0 programmes, with the aim of promoting digital literacy and inclusion, through the dissemination of practical application tools and clarification on community incentive frameworks , aiming at increasing the competitiveness of the entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial ecosystem of the murça territory.

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