Moneris and Azeredo Perdigão prepare MSI Global Alliance “Doing Business in Portugal”

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The MSI Global Alliance is considered one of the world’s largest associations of audit, accounting and legal services companies, has 30 years of existence, is present in more than 100 countries, with more than 260 independent associated firms and more than 10,000 professionals.

As an association that is highly regarded worldwide, the MSI Global Alliance promotes knowledge among its members, in an international and multidisciplinary articulation, as an instrument to support customers. In this dynamic, MSI launches a “Doing Business” for each country, in collaboration with its local reference members.

Moneris, as a reference company in Portugal, in the area of management support solutions, as well as Azeredo Perdigão & Associados, in the legal aspect, were the partners in the investigation and selection of information for the preparation of the “Doing Business in Portugal” of The MSI Global Alliance, which aims to make known to the world the unique characteristics of our country for those who are interested in investing in Portugal.

This publication is presented in English, following a model and formatting of excellence with evidence given from the MSI Global Alliance, being a manual sufficiently detailed, comprehensive and easy to read, to be able to support new business opportunities.

MSI’s “Doing Business in Portugal” is an essential tool for any investor who wants, in a practical way, to have first contact with the tax and legal system, human resources and accounting organization, regulatory and compliance framework in Portugal.

It is available in digital format on the Moneris website as well as on the MSI Global Alliance website.

See Doing Business in Portugal Here

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