Mandatory creation of the single document code (ATCUD)

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Starting on January 1, 2023, it will be mandatory to create the single document code (ATCUD) on any invoice or fiscally relevant document.

The ATCUD makes it possible to uniquely identify a document, regardless of its issuer, the type of document and the series used.

This measure has two main objectives:

  • simplify the reporting of invoices by natural persons for the determination of their irs deductible expenses;
  • Control the operations carried out by taxable persons with a view to combating the informal economy.

To communicate series to TA, it is necessary, at first, to indicate the credentials of access to the Finance Portal, following the steps:

  1. Access the | Business Application Base | Fiscal Communications Parameters;
  2. In the Series section, fill in the User and Password access to the AT, then click Confirm;
  3. Select the option “WSE – Communication and Series Management by webservice”

The ATCUD codes obtained in each series, for each type of document, must then be loaded into the billing software, so that automatic series communication to AT is configured, by Webservice.

It is also possible to perform manual communication of series, although it is a more complex model and more susceptible to errors.

How can Moneris help?

Our Technical Tax Committee has prepared this information so that you can ensure, with your software provider, that all obligations and deadlines are met.

If you need additional information, use the usual means of communication: | 210 316 400.

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