Learn about Moneris’ contribution to the Green Paper on the future of work

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The Moneris Knowledge Centre dedicated to the labour area (Technical Labour Committee) has prepared a working document summing up a set of reflections in order to contribute to the initiative “Green Paper for the Future of Work”, a public consultation promoted by the government.

The Green Paper is a document detailing strategic areas, vision and guidelines for revisions to labour legislation over the next few years. It is a paper for reflection, prepared by a working group, which already has the contribution of several experts, but which will still serve as the basis for a wider debate.

As the minister of labor, solidarity and social security, Ana Mendes Godinho, described, on the day she presented it to the social partners, “this is a key document of structural investment, which has to have the social commitment of all in the various dimensions. Deep down this is a specifications.” It will be a kind of letter of principles, to frame upcoming revisions of labour legislation.

In this document, Moneris incorporated the perceptions and reflections of the Moneris Technical Technical Committee, maintaining the same thematic designations defined by the working group responsible for the preparation of the Green Paper. We have tried to include only contributions that add value to the considerations and reflections produced, avoiding redundancies and the sharing of reflections that are already sufficiently shaped in the Green Paper.

Francisco Fernandes, coordinator of the CTL, says that the lines of reflection for public policies end up becoming, to a large extent, redundant, given that they are included in the chapter “the future of work: new and old challenges”, ending up repeating themselves to a large extent in the chapter “lines of reflection of public policies for the future of work in Portugal” , and as such, it might be interesting to consider an approach in which each area of intervention systematizes the state of the art and the lines of reflection of public policies in a chained way.

Alternatively for better systematization of all reflection lines, it can be sent to an appendix, keeping the basis of the green paper less redundant.

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