JE publishes summary on multidisciplinarity in the law where Rui Almeida participated

JE tall lawyers scaled

The Economic Journal published this weekend the summary of the debate on the multidisciplinarity of the last of JE Talk.

The creation of multidisciplinary companies, with lawyers and other professionals, was one of Talk’s main themes on the future of law, with the participation of José Luís Moreira da Silva (president of ASAP – Association of Portuguese Law Firms), João Quintela Cavaleiro (managing partner of Cavaleiro & Associados Sociedade de Advogados R.L.) and Rui Pedro Almeida (CEO of Moneris).

Faced with a subject that is far from consensual, this multidisciplinary panel seems to agree only on the need, in any scenario, to safeguard the independence and professional secrecy of lawyers.

“We are increasingly counting on the support of legal professionals to provide support to our clients. The question is often presented in a dichotomic way, yes or no, but I think the question is when and how,” said Rui Pedro Almeida, CEO of Moneris.

The leader of the consultant considers that the legalization of multidisciplinary societies will be a positive step, as it will allow to provide a more complete service to customers and, at the same time, create clear rules that allow to avoid less clear situations.

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