Hotel Analysis Report – Yearbook 2017

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Moneris’s Tourism Skills Centre (CCT) has been preparing in addition to other publications, the Tourism Yearbook.

This document translates the tourist activity at national and regional level, based on the analysis of the main indicators available, referring to the internal and external factors that influenced their evolution.

We will analyze the main indicators of hospitality in 2017 and compare them with the previous year, through the national and international events that impacted the sector.

We will also mention the Tourism Strategy (ET27) as well as the available support and incentive lines, and conclude with the 2018/2019 tourism forecasts.

In this edition, we extend the scope of the analysis by contemplating and also compiling a set of information that we consider important, such as the Tourism Strategy for 2017-2027, the lines of support and incentives available to the sector, as well as the context of general data protection regulation in hotel activity.

We also reflect on the Social Responsibility of the sector and we count to contribute, with this publication, with a valuable source of information for the decision-making of stakeholders.

The Tourism Sector is currently one of the main drivers of economic activity.

It assumes such an important socio-economic role that it contributes to the development of the country with the need to enhance infrastructure, support services, heritage recovery and nature preservation.

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