Happy holidays with Moneris

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We are in the final stretch of another year, markedly positive for the generality of business and companies and especially for the Portugal brand, which gains a growing role on international stages.

We have also reached the end of a challenging decade, of structural changes on a planet that is now beginning to look seriously at decisive themes in the quality of business life and in society. I am referring in particular to the issues of inclusion/diversity and sustainability.

At Moneris, we try to respond positively to the challenge of maximizing the value of difference and helping to achieve the potential of a culture of diversity, based on geographical dispersion, gender diversity and a policy of non-discrimination.

In 2019, we embraced numerous initiatives to reduce the ecological footprint that we necessarily leave with our daily work, reducing paper consumption, phasing out plastic and pursuing clear policies that respond to environmental challenges.

On behalf of Moneris, our CEO Rui Pedro Almeida endorsed the statement “A New Deal for Europe – Towards a sustainable future in the World: CEOs Call To Action”, thus joining an action group composed of corporate leaders with the aim of define a New Model for Europe, based on accelerating sustainable growth, combating climate change and creating inclusive prosperity.

This will also be Moneris’s contribution and design in the coming years.

In these last days of the year, it is time to look equally at the route traveled and, above all, it is time to prepare for the future.

Our future has two priorities: customer and innovation. Next year, we will have a structural focus on the client, investing in an agenda of knowledge, quality, sharing, transparency and added value.

We will also focus on consolidating our innovation strategy, based on digital, which will dictate a significant improvement in the quality and timing of the service, while refocusing attention on the experience of service provided.

But this time of year also represents a festive season, which we dedicate to our families, our friends, to our people.

And our people are also our customers, partners and friends, the ones we just met and the long-standing ones, and our employees, who day-to-day make Moneris an extension of their family.

We hope to continue to count on your confidence to grow together, innovate together, go our path to many successes together.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a determined 2020 winner.

Happy holidays!

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