DAILY COVID-19 – Extraordinary support for the reduction of economic activity

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Extraordinary support for the reduction of economic activity for Self-Employed Persons, Entrepreneurs on Behalf of The Individual, Managers and Members of Statutory Bodies.

Access to extraordinary support for the reduction of economic activity to Self-Employed Workers (including those exempt from the payment of contributions), Individual Entrepreneurs and Managers and Members of Statutory Bodies with management functions has been reactivated, for the duration of the suspension of activities or closure of facilities and establishments in the state of emergency, which will have to be communicated by February 10.

Members of Statutory Bodies (EOMs) and Individual Entrepreneurs (ENI)

The EOMs and ENI will have access to support that has a minimum value of 219.4€ and a maximum value of €1,995, also according to the amount of remuneration recorded as a contributory basis weighted by their drop in invoicing.

This support applies to EOMs and EnI which have also had their activities suspended or establishments closed during the state of emergency.

Extraordinary support for workers’ income – situation of particular economic unprotection

This support aims to ensure the continuity of the income of workers in situations of particular economic disprotection caused by the covid-19 pandemic. This support includes self-employed workers, domestic service workers, members of statutory bodies and individual entrepreneurs and also employees who do not have their activities suspended or terminated in the state of emergency.

The request for Extraordinary Support to Workers’ Income must be made in Direct Social Security (SSD) between 8 and 14 February.

The situation of economic unprotection is verified through the condition of resources. For the evaluation of the condition of resources and attribution of support it is essential to make, through direct social security:

Given the nature of the elements to be declared, which include the communication of income and property data of the household, as well as the useful time available for the submission of applications, we then present the necessary steps for interested parties to be able to submit their application with full autonomy.

To ask the AERT must through Direct Social Security:

  1. Update and confirm your household in Family/Household and Family Relations.
  2. Update and confirm your household’s 2020 income in Family/Income and Assets.
  3. Update and confirm your 2019 work income, provided they have not been declared in Social Security, Family/Income and Assets.

After updating the data identified in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 you should wait for the online form to be made available in Direct Social Security, employment/ Measures Covid-19.

How can Moneris help?

Our Crisis Management team, in addition to the support of your usual Moneris manager, is available to analyze with you the measures in force, ensuring a holistic performance in the areas of taxation, labor, financial, technological and support and incentives, with the commitment to ensure the best solutions, adapted to the context of each sector and each company.

It remains essential to continuously evaluate the state of the art, plan and adapt the activity in the short and medium term, resort to extraordinary incentives and measures, adjust business plans, treasury plans, business plans and restructure the company’s strategy.

To learn more about these changes and to apply for these supports, please contact us: gestaodecrise@moneris.pt.

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