As a fishing professional can I get salary compensation?

Support is provided for small-scale fishing professionals, through compliance with the
following requirements:

  • (a) the impediment to the exercise of the faina is established as a result of a record of a drop in the value of fish equal to or greater than 40 compared to the same period of 1 of the previous 2 years; Or
  • (b) the difficulty of recruiting crews due to prophylactic isolation resulting from the covid-19 pandemic is proven;
  • c) The impediment occurs on a date after March 18.

The amount of salary compensation to be allocated is calculated according to the criteria set out in Article 5(1) and 5 of Decree-Law No. 311/99 of August 10, in its current wording.

The application for the payment of salary compensation is addressed to the Fishing Professionals’ Wage Compensation Fund, no later than 90 days from the date on which the requirements are met a), b) and c) supra.

This support also applies, with the necessary adaptations:

  • (1) live-keepers, individual holders of aquaculture farm licences with a declaration of production in one of the last two years;
  • (2) fishermen licensed for peada fishing and catchholders, holders of a valid licence, when engaged in the activity on an exclusive basis.
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