Workshop: European Funds: Challenges and Opportunities

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Knowledge of available investment incentives and the provision of support for the coming years is essential for an efficient and competitive management of companies, so that they can grow, innovate and differentiate.

The development and innovation roadmap of Portuguese companies can be supported to a large extent by the European funds negotiated, especially Portugal 2030, with incentive systems for innovation, qualification and internationalization, and research and technological development.

Learn about the opportunities, best practices and success cases of these financial instruments in a workshop organized by CCILF – Luso-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the intervention of expert consultants from Moneris and Millennium bcp.

9:00 am – 11:00 am

LISBON | 15 MARCH | 9:00 a.m.


Hotel Florida Lisbon
R. Duque de Palmela 34, 1250-098 Lisbon


1. Large areas of investment

  • Circular economy
  • Energy efficiency and optimization
  • Economy 4.0

2. How to prepare your company for an application

Pedro Neto
Partner Support and Incentives

Hugo Cardoso
Director Investment Credit
Millennium Bcp

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