What extraordinary measures are envisaged for the agricultural sector?

Extraordinary measures in the agricultural sector

Extraordinary measures in the agricultural sector:

PDR2020 (Press Release)

For the PDR2020, the physical and financial implementation deadlines for projects, whose investment deadline takes place between March 1 and June 15, 2020, will be automatically extended by three months. In addition, interim payments are allowed to be submitted with the phaseout of the submission of the expenditure and its reimbursement. Also the deadlines for submission of applications are extended by 30 (thirty) days, in the context of ongoing announcements, the setting of which is the competence of the Manager of the PDR 2020.

Capitalize Line – Covid-19 Link

The agri-food sector has access to the Capitalize 2018 credit line | COVID-19 to meet the needs of working capital and treasury, and the credit operations granted in this context benefit from a guarantee of up to 80 of the outstanding capital, and the guarantee commission is fully subsidized.

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