Training Funded under the Workers’ Compensation Fund

With the extinction of the Labour Compensation Fund (FCT), the use of existing funds was reassessed, and companies that have contributed to the Fund can invest the funds mobilized to finance some measures to support workers, such as certified training.

We know that the motivation of human resources and their constant updating are key factors for the competitiveness of organizations. Therefore, making the FCT balance available to invest in the training of your employees can be a lever for your company to remain competitive and keep up with the best practices and technical and behavioral trends in the market.

Moneris Academy, as an entity certified by DGERT, can help you take advantage of this measure, developing training projects tailored to your needs, and also contribute to meeting the mandatory training hours.

Get to know Moneris Academy’s training offer

Our deep knowledge of the Portuguese business world and, above all, the constant adaptation of our offer to market needs, make Moneris Academy a partner of choice when it comes to training, as we rely on a wide range of trainers with strong technical expertise and pedagogical aptitude

\\ Tailor-made Training

Aware that each organization has specific and particular training needs, we have built a modular solution, characterized by its flexibility and adaptability to each business context.

by its flexibility and adaptability to each business context. This solution has a unique and innovative methodology in the area of training, characterised by:

  • A modular construction managed by the client, according to the training areas best fitted to their needs;
  • A workload combination for each module tailored to the client’s training objectives.

\\ Training Catalogue

Our training solutions actively respond to the needs of the market, with relevant content for the development of companies and businesses and for the specialization of their employees.

Moneris Academy’s training portfolio brings together the know-how and experience of our consultants, with more than 80 training courses focused on the following topics:

  • Management and administration.
  • Finance, Accounting and Taxation.
  • Commercial and Marketing.
  • Computer science.
  • Leadership and Management.
  • Human resources.
  • Compliance and Governance.

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