Privacy Week – European Committee approves Strategy 2021-2023

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The European Data Protection Board (ECDC), whose mission is to ensure the consistent application of European data protection rules and promote effective cooperation between supervisors throughout the European Economic Area, has approved its Strategy for the next three years.

In this guiding document, we identify a strategy based on four pillars, which correspond to four strategic objectives:

  1. Promote harmonisation and facilitate compliance with the GDPR. In addition to providing practicality, easily understandable and accessible guidance, EDPB will develop and promote tools that help implement data protection in practice, taking into account practical experiences of different
    stakeholders on the ground. It will continue to promote the development and implementation of compliance mechanisms for controllers and processors, as well as foster the development of tools common to a wider audience and engage in awareness and dissemination activities.
  2. Support effective cooperation between supervisory authorities and effective law enforcement by facilitating the use of cooperation tools and implementing a Support Pool of Experts to facilitate actions in a flexible but coordinated manner.
  3. To approach new technologies from the point of view of fundamental rights. The EDPB will continuously monitor new and emerging technologies and their potential impact on fundamental rights and the day-to-day life of individuals. The evaluation of new technologies involves: proactively monitoring, evaluating and establishing
    Common positions and guidance with regard to new technological applications in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, biometrics, profiling, digitalads and continuous application evaluation, such as services in could, blockchain, among others.
  4. Promote high standards of data protection on a global scale through transfer tools that ensure an equivalent level of protection and raise awareness about its practical implementation. The EDPB also defined as a strategic goal for the next three-year program the involvement with the international community.

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