Rui Almeida, writes for jornal económico


Rui Pedro Almeida, CEO and Managing Partner of Moneris today at Jornal Económico addresses the expectations evolution of the market for what remains this year and for the next.

In a financial advisory special, The Economic Journal brought together a group of experts who relied on Moneris, EY, KPMG, Mazars, Banco Carregosa, Horizon Equity Partners, BearingPoint, Moss & Cooper, Square Asset Management to chart a market view on this year and the next focusing on challenges and expectations.

“Here we have a unique opportunity of a generation to grow and transform our economy, which suffers from structural problems of lack of competitiveness.”

Rui Almeida, CEO and Managing Partner

“we need to focus on the qualification, management of programmes and the implementation of innovation projects in companies, institutions, universities and innovation, research and development centres.”

Rui Almeida, CEO and Managing Partner

“Innovation in general will continue to be the focus of professional services companies.”

Rui Almeida, CEO and Managing Partner
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