Business Revitalization Program (PRE) – AHRESP


AHRESP and MONERIS create revitalization program to halt insolvencies in catering and hospitality

Faced with a scenario of mass insolvencies in the restaurant and tourist accommodation sector, the AHRESP – Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Similar of Portugal, in partnership with Moneris, launches the Business Revitalization Program (PRE), which provides a set of tools for companies at risk of insolvency, with monitoring from the diagnosis of the situation, to the recovery plan and the recovery model.

P.R.E. Program, which has as its central objective the revitalization of our companies and the search for measures that support the reorganization of companies to various changes, such as:

  • Reformulation of business models
  • Company Capitalization
  • New ways of working
  • New communication models

Through this program, managers can find new solutions for their activities, modernizing ways of working, communication and even business models.

This program is developed in 3 phases:

PHASE 1 – Business Diagnosis and General Lines of Action

  • Gathering of information in the company
  • Application of diagnostic model (micro)
  • Definition of the main lines of action to be developed in order to allow the recovery of the company

PHASE 2 – Economic and financial recovery plan

  • Based on the diagnosis of Phase 1, and through the choice of the best solutions (and possible), in line with the company, development of the structuring of the economic and financial recovery plan, as support to the actions to be carried out
  • This plan, in addition to the factsheets that the company has to implement, defines, in economic and financial terms, the projection of the viability of the company, based on the premises of the plan.

PHASE 3 – Recovery and follow-up model

  • Through the action sheets developed in Phase 2:
    – Development of the implementation models of each of the measures;
    – Support in monitoring the implementation of these same action measures
  • These measures are adjusted according to the implementation deadlines and their urgency:
    – Short-term measures (business viability)
    – Medium-term measures (sustainability and business adaptability)

This program is available throughout the national territory, continent and autonomous regions, and covers all food and beverage companies and tourist accommodation.

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