National Production Support Program – Central Region – Industry and Tourism

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Applications are open for the National Production Support Program in the Central region, for the Industry and Tourism sector.

This program aims to support the acquisition of machinery, equipment, technological / digital services and quality systems, certification systems that change the production processes of companies, supporting them in the digital transition, in the energy transition, in the introduction of environmentally friendly production processes and that are, simultaneously, a stimulus to national production, in order to promote improvement of the productivity of companies in a context of new business models.

Directed to Micro and Small Enterprises, this program aims to support investments between 20,000 and 235,000 euros, with a support rate of up to 50% in the deep end, with an increase of 10% for the inland territories.

Application deadlines are very short, so it is essential to prepare your application in a timely manner.

Main eligibility criteria:
• Financing of the project with a minimum of 10% of equity;
• Electronic Certification SME;
• Positive results in the last financial year proven by ies 2019;
• Have at least one employee asspersed in the company’s staff in the pre-project year.

• Maintenance of the company’s current jobs.

Application deadlines:
• until March 19, 2021
Applications are also underway in the Algarve, North, Alentejo and Lisbon. Learn more at

You can find information synthesized in the product sheet that we provide you with:
Product Sheet
How can Moneris help?
In the Corporate Finance area of Moneris we maintain a special focus on Community Incentives, with a specialized team that has already accompanied numerous companies in their applications for structural funds, with an approval rate of 91%.

In addition to the application process, our team is also present throughout the project implementation period, in order to ensure the maximization of the co-financing to be obtained.

In this final stretch of the Community framework, with increasingly reduced appropriations, it is crucial for the success of the application to prepare projects in a timely manner.

Contact us for more information for the email We frame your project without compromise.
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