Notification of the ACT: Verification of regularity of the employment relationship

The Authority for Working Conditions (ACT) notified 9,699 employers to regularize the employment relationship of 17,701 economically dependent self-employed workers, that is, service providers who provide 80% or more of their activity to a single entity.

According to the letter of formal notice, ACT argues that economic dependence on a single entity is one of the indicators of the existence of an employment relationship.

In an information note, published on the Authority’s website, ACT states that notified companies have until February 16 to regularize their employment relationships, from service provision contract to employment contract, on the Social Security Direct Portal.

This regularization must be carried out in cases where the existence of a dependent employment relationship is recognized, and is subject to a new evaluation by the ACT at the end of the indicated period.

In this sense, the entities concerned will be able to assess, from a legal point of view, the legitimacy to presume the existence of an employment contract.

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