My son’s school is over. What are my rights? (Self-employed)

As an independent worker, you can have exceptional financial support, amounting to one third of the mensualized contributory contribution base for the first quarter of 2020.

For a period of 30 days, the limit is:

  • Minimum: 438.81 euros (value of the Indexer of Social Support – IAS)
  • Maximum: EUR 1,097.03 (value of 2.5 IAS), and may in any case not exceed the amount of remuneration recorded as a contributory basis to)

If the period of closure of the educational establishment is less than one month receives the proportional amount, not being considered the periods of school holidays.

Support shall be declared in the Quarterly Statement and shall be subject to its contribution to social security.

Important notes:

  • In the event that one parent is on teleworking, the other may not benefit from this support;
  • If during school closure, the child becomes ill, the payment of the exceptional family support benefit is suspended and the general child care scheme applies.

(a) A diploma delimiting the maximum amount of financial support shall enter into force on 14/04.

Support is required through Direct Social Security, in its own form.

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