My son’s school is over. What are my rights? (Household)


  • In cases where the household consists of a healthcare professional and at least one worker from another sector of activity not covered by the concept of “Essential Services Workers”, assistance to children or other dependents under the age of 12, or, regardless of age, with disabilities or chronic illness, is provided by a member of the household , or person with whom he lives, of legal age, who is not a health professional.
  • Where the household consists only of health professionals and without prejudice to the possibility that they may, if they so choose, resort to other family or social relationships, such assistance shall be provided as follows:
    • alternately, for each of the health professionals, in periods to be defined and agreed with their employers;
    • By focusing on the use of the educational establishment that welcomes their children or other dependentdependents, under the age of 12, or, regardless of age, with disabilities or chronic illness, or to use, where possible, the other form of care they deem appropriate. In these cases the support will correspond to what was due to the health professional who waived his right to family care.
  • Where the household is part of only one healthcare professional and only the household can provide assistance referred to in the preceding paragraphs, it is preferably provided in accordance with the above paragraph (ii).

Essential Services Workers: Health professionals, security and relief forces and services, including volunteer firefighters, and the armed forces, essential utilities, management and maintenance workers for essential infrastructure.

Support is in force until there is a resumption of classroom and non-school activities.

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