Moneris starred in the eighth panel of the ADVOCATUS Summit with the theme “Creative Industries, NFT and Cryptocurrencies”

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In a panel moderated by Flávio Nunes, ECO were, Armando Serapicos, Moneris Consultant, Pauline Foessel, Founder and Director of Artpool, and Rui Ferraz, Commercial Director of Innovarisk Underwritingdiscussed topics such as

▫️ How do you anticipate the future of taxation in this new digital economy?
▫️ What are non-fungible tokens really?
▫️ What impact are they having on the creative industries?
▫️ How to manage, mitigate and transmit the risks of cybercrime associated with the digital works of art market?

You can read flávio Nunes’s article here

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