Moneris launches Education Yearbook

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Education plays a key role in the social and economic development of societies. It is a sector transversal to any economic activity, with a strong correlation in development and social mobility and a huge weight on the attractiveness of the country.

In what is the first Yearbook of Education produced by Moneris, we make an analysis of teaching in Portugal, going through the goals defined for education and training, as well as the national education rankings, with a special look on international education in Portugal.

Many of the topics we have covered in this publication of moneris’ Education Skills Center, seeking to address the main challenges, orientations, opportunities and innovations of the sector:

  • The importance of management reports in the education sector
  • The educational response to the pandemic
  • International Education in Portugal and the World
  • Welcoming international teachers
  • Investment opportunities in the Education sector
  • Digital transformation in education
  • Science Education – preparing women from the 19th century. 21st Century
  • The Academy’s continuing training and connection to enterprises

Rui Almeida, CEO and Managing Partner of Moneris, believes “that a closer connection between classrooms and business life, between teaching and the business world, will allow us to build a path of greater appreciation for students, teachers and companies.”

This first Education Yearbook, produced by moneris’ Education Skills Centre, is another contribution to this

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