Moneris Launches Campaign on International Women’s Day

Dia Internacional da Mulher 01

In a challenging year marked by the pandemic, Moneris marks International Women’s Day with a digital campaign, where it invites all women and men of Moneris to recognize in their colleagues the qualities that make them unique and special, with reference to some of the most notorious female personalities in our history and today.

This initiative promotes not only the interaction and recognition between co-workers and team members, but also makes known some of the most outstanding women of art, music, literature, sport or democracy in Portugal.

In an inclusive environment such as Moneris, where women make up 77% of the Team and occupy 42% of management positions, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the multiple successes and achievements of moneris’ approximately 250 women.

Sara Nunes, Director of People and Culture at Moneris says that “the marking of this date is also an opportunity for Moneris to reinforce its constant commitment to inclusion and equity, essential values that govern our practices.”

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