Moneris joins other Members of MSI Global aliance to provide helpdesk support for Ukrainian citizens

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The conflict in Ukraine has led to strong global support for the country and its citizens. Moneris as a member thus joins other associated companies offering their support.

The MSI Global Alliance, together with its members, has launched a ‘Ukraine Helpdesk’, which consists of a pro bono humanitarian initiative, to provide aid and support to Ukrainians seeking refuge from the war.

This movement aims to answer questions and questions that Ukrainian refugees and displaced people have at the moment, being a starting point for the assistance and options they currently have in Europe.

Rui Almeida, CEO of Moneris comments “We will do everything we can to help assist Ukrainian entrepreneurs and citizens in this extreme situation. In conjunction with the MSI Global Alliance and international members of the professional association, we will work to provide all support and information that may be relevant to the protection of Ukrainian refugees.”

This movement of MSI in Portugal in addition to Moneris, has the law firm Azeredo Perdigão & Associados, and together we will provide support in Portugal or help you contact any of our fellow MSI Members who will provide all possible help.

So, if you are a Ukrainian citizen, a relative or simply know someone in Ukraine who may need urgent support, please contact any of the listed member contacts for help and assistance who will do their best to support you.


MSI Global Alliace

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