Moneris joins government list of pre-qualified entities

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Moneris has been selected to be on the list of pre-qualified government entities to carry out economic and financial assessment studies of public sector companies, as well as to provide technical assistance in privatisation operations.

The decision to review this list, integrating new entities, is related, as the order states, to “the changes that have occurred in the financial system and in the universe of other entities specialized in these matters”.

“Amendments that have reduced the availability of all pre-qualified entities to ensure the provision of the services concerned, which justifies the need to update this list”, reads in DRE. ́

Moneris brings together an experienced team specialized in the evaluation and financial modeling processes.

His experience, in contexts as different as (re)privatization processes, business and business evaluation, project finance and financial modeling, brand valuation, evaluation of intangible assets to assess oddities, among others, allows to have a set of professionals duly specialized in each area, in order to respond to each challenge.

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