DAILY COVID-19 – Postponement of VAT and reporting obligations

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Under the extraordinary measures, several periods of declarative obligations and payment of taxes were postponed, in particular:

  • VAT, under the following conditions:
    • When the monthly scheme is concerned, the declarations to be submitted in February 2021 may be submitted until the 24th of the same month, without any additions or penalties;
    • Where the quarterly scheme is concerned, statements to be submitted in February 2021 may also be submitted by the 24th of the same month, without any additions or penalties;
    • The delivery of the tax payable resulting from the periodic declarations referred to in the preceding paragraphs may be made by 1 March 2021 in any of those VAT schemes.
  • IRS: the communication of the household, alternate residence and the percentage of the sharing of dependents in joint custody may be made until 19 February;
  • The model 10 delivery obligation can be fulfilled until February 28 (inclusive);
  • The identification of the long-term lease, as well as its renewals and the date of termination of the lease agreements indicating the reason for the lease may be made by 19 February;
  • The communication of members of the household attending educational establishments located in the territory of the Interior or the Autonomous Regions, and the total amount of their costs incurred, may be made until 19 February.

How can Moneris help?

Our Crisis Management team, in addition to the support of your usual Moneris manager, is available to analyze with you the measures in force, ensuring a holistic performance in the areas of taxation, labor, financial, technological and support and incentives, with the commitment to ensure the best solutions, adapted to the context of each sector and each company.

It remains essential to continuously evaluate the state of the art, plan and adapt the activity in the short and medium term, resort to extraordinary incentives and measures, adjust business plans, treasury plans, business plans and restructure the company’s strategy.

To learn more about these changes and to apply for these supports, please contact us: gestaodecrise@moneris.pt.

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