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Moneris App

On this first day of the last phase of deconfinement, Moneris bets on digital, providing a new App that will help entrepreneurs and managers in their tax planning and management.

Control your tax liabilities from a mobile app

On this first day of the last phase of deconfinement, Moneris bets on digital, providing a new App that will help entrepreneurs and managers in their tax planning and management, with the most relevant features and information for decision making.

This new application, unique in the context of consulting in Portugal, allows its users, in a dematerialized and real-time way, to manage the payment of taxes and contributory obligations of one or more companies.

In addition, users of this Moneris App can also have access to tax alerts, the updated tax calendar, a salary simulator, the most relevant management news, updated daily, and with a specific area for information under COVID-19, and also a direct and agile contact feature with the moneris reference team.

At a time when the new normality transports us to a more digital day-to-day, in which we anticipate a continuous adoption of telework, where it is expected to accelerate the processes of digitization and automation, in which the field of technological tools promises to revolutionize the provision of professional services, Moneris is a step ahead in innovation and value creation.

The Moneris App can now be installed from Google Play (for Androids) or App Store (for iOS) and is completely free, with all features available to Moneris customers.

This launch is another step in a process of digitization of Moneris that hopes to remain a leading company and leader in technological innovation in the sector. Automation, artificial intelligence, digital mobility, are all concepts that Moneris lives in our days, proof of this are the various projects that it has been implementing to keep up with technological developments, namely the development of a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that is already operating in several of its business units.

These robots allow to relieve the workload and time of accountants spent on administrative processes, so that they can devote themselves to other value-added tasks for the customer. These digital transformation processes are enabling moneris to be transformed into a technology-based company where experts [que constituem hoje a empresa] are at the disposal of its customers rather than being tied to administrative processes

Get to know in detail all the features of the Moneris App

Payment of Taxes
It is a personalized communication channel between Moneris and its customers, which allows the control of tax liabilities, initially with taxes related to Social Security, IRS and VAT. Gradually, new taxes will be added, and this communication will be carried out through the usual channels and the APP.

Tax Alerts
Here are available the deadlines for the payment of the main taxes arising from the existing reporting deadlines.

Salary Simulator
This option allows, in a simplified way, to make a simulation of an employee’s salary, applying the existing tax calculation rules, as well as a set of assumptions considered in the simulator.

In this area, Moneris provides updated and relevant news for entrepreneurs and managers, classified by categories, which can be configured according to the preferences of each user. During this exceptional period, we have also set up our own section dedicated to news in the context of COVID-19.

Meet the Team
The Moneris team that closely accompanies each client is available here at a click. This is a direct channel to the client’s manager, the Certified Accountant and the HR Consultant.

Fiscal Calendar
Timed information of the main dates for compliance with the declarative obligations.

Payment for Services
This option aims to inform about the open amounts in the current accounts of the company(s) towards Moneris. Here you can see a list with some level of detail about the open documents. This information is updated periodically, and there may be a delay in viewing the information corresponding to the synchronization between the internal system and the APP.

More from APP Moneris and how to download from APPstore and Google Play at:

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