Moneris App. New features.

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New features include document availability, support and incentive space and podcast.

The technological and digital path is irreversible and the use of online tools intensifies every day. For entrepreneurs and managers, nothing more convenient than being able to manage their business in a dematerialized, remote, up-to-date and real-time way.

Therefore, Moneris continues to invest and innovate to create value for its customers, with a unique mobile application in the consulting market in Portugal, which now has new add-ons.

Area dedicated to Support and Incentives

The coming years are to bring added potential to COMMUNITY funds and investment support in business and business. The Recovery and Resilience Plan, alongside the Portugal 2030 Community support framework, are financial instruments aimed at mitigating the economic and social impact of the pandemic and making European economies and societies more sustainable, resilient and better prepared for the challenges and opportunities of green and digital transitions.

Therefore, through the Moneris App you will now be able to know all the relevant news about support and incentives, staying alert and informed about the development, investment and financing opportunities for your company, and having a direct point of contact with our team specialized in community incentives, which will now be available to advise you through the Mobile Application of Moneris.

Making Documents available

For authenticated Moneris customers, a new functionality is now available for querying and downloading documents, so you can access the most relevant company information in real time. At this time, non-debt certificates are already available and in the near future we will add other relevant documents.

Podcast TSF

So you can access all Moneris content through the App, the TSF podcast “Moneris Minutes” is now available in the mobile app, so you can listen to our management advice at any time, simply and directly.

About Moneris App

Unique in the context of consulting in Portugal, Moneris App aims to help entrepreneurs and managers in their planning and tax management, with the most relevant features and information for decision making, allowing the control of tax liabilities in a dematerialized and real-time way (Social Security, IRS, VAT, and FCT).

If you are a Moneris customer, you will have access to all the features for free! While you’re not a customer yet, you can access the app’s generic features (salary simulator, news, tax calendar, and podcast).

Payment of Taxes
It is a personalized communication channel between Moneris and its customers, which allows the control of tax liabilities, currently with taxes related to Social Security, IRS, VAT and FCT.
Available only to Moneris customers.

Tax Alerts
Here are available the deadlines for the payment of the main taxes arising from the existing reporting deadlines.
Available only to Moneris customers.

In this area you can consult and save the relevant documents of your company. non-debt certificates are now available. Other relevant documents will soon be available.
Available only to Moneris customers.

Here you can listen to TSF Minute Moneris, with the updated episodes and the most relevant topics.
Available only to all users

Salary Simulator
This option allows, in a simplified way, to make a simulation of an employee’s salary, applying the existing tax calculation rules, as well as a set of assumptions considered in the simulator.
Available to all users.

In this area, Moneris provides updated and relevant news for entrepreneurs and managers, classified by categories, which can be configured according to the preferences of each user.
Available to all users.

Support and Incentives
In this area, Moneris offers up-to-date and relevant news about available Support and Incentives, also allowing a direct contact with our team dedicated to this area.
Available to all users.

Meet the Team
The Moneris team that closely accompanies each client is available here at a click. This is a direct channel to the client’s manager, the Certified Accountant and the HR Consultant.
Available only to Moneris customers.

Fiscal Calendar
Timed information of the main dates for compliance with the declarative obligations.
Available to all users.

Payment for Services
This option aims to inform about the open amounts in the current accounts of the company(s) towards Moneris. Here you can see a list with some level of detail about the open documents.
Available only to Moneris customers.
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