Knowing your career at Moneris now gets easier


Moneris has partnered with the Networkmeplatform, a career management platform, which will help university students find out what their vocation is and what career they want to pursue.

With this association, students can access Moneris mentors, talk to our professionals and simulate challenges in different business areas thus creating a greater knowledge about the various career paths at Moneris, as well as values and culture.

Sara Nunes, Director of People and Culture stresses “Through networkme’s platform we will be able to create connections and support students who want to take the reins of their career path from an early age and explore the options that make the most sense to them. In the Accountant career simulator at Moneris students can learn a little more about the day-to-day life of an Accountant in our team, what they need to do to get to that position and respond to some challenges of the function. We count on being able to reach many students and enthusiastically with the possibility of starting your career as an Accountant or Consultant at Moneris.

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