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JEtalks Accountants. Can digitisation be the driving wheel of the transformation of the sector?

How can digital transformation revolutionise the work of accountants and assist the sector in the context of economic crisis?

This was one of the questions that Rui Pedro Almeida, CEO and Managing partner of Moneris, answered in je brand channel talks of jornal econĆ³mico.

A debate that brought together a panel of planes of the sector consisting of:
šŸ’¬ Rui Pedro Almeida, CEO and Managing partner of Moneris
šŸ’¬ JoĆ£o Marcos Rita, Managing partner of AZZUR PORTUGAL
šŸ’¬ Tiago Nunes, Managing Director and Administrator of Nucase Group
šŸ’¬ Vitor Pinho, CEO of Cloudware

Watch this debate here

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