VAT on the import of goods – “Customs settlements considered in the DP”

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From 01/04/2021, the completion of the VAT DP will include new features that will make available the detail of the pre-filled amounts in fields 18 and 19 of the periodic declaration (namely, customs office code, settlement number, date of settlement, value of imports and VAT settled) to taxable persons who exercised the option of payment of VAT provided for in Article 27(8) of the CIVA.

Pre-filled values

This new feature, “Customs Settlements considered in dp”, is accessible from the application menu of the periodic VAT declaration and allows:

  1. Obtain information from the customs settlements considered in each period by exporting them directly to an excel file if desired;
  2. make the changes desired by the taxable person, keeping the information relating to a period; And
  3. Keep the information stored as current for the calculation of the values of fields 18 and 19 of this period.

Information leaflet issued by TA

For further clarification, taxable persons can consult the package leaflet issued in March 2021, called “VAT ON THE IMPORT OF GOODS – New features”, in:

Citizens » Taxpayer Support » Useful information » Information leaflets » VAT – Value Added Tax » VAT on imports of goods – new features.

Contacts for additional information
e-Counter available on the Finance Portal or, Telephone Call Center (CAT) at 217 206 707, on weekdays, from 09:00 to 19:00.

Knowledge Centres – Moneris Tax Committee

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