Give a good destination to 0.5 of your IRS.


In a year in which charities are more fragile, and the population in need of social support has grown significantly, the donation of 0.5% of their IRS is even more relevant.

When you submit your income statement, you can allocate 0.5% of the calculated value of the IRS to a social, environmental or cultural entity of our choice, without having any consequences for the taxpayer.

Moneris, through its Social Sector Skills Center, operates with an ecosystem of IPSS and Social Sector Entities, which are associated with this awareness-raising action and are likely to receive this contribution, which will not harm the irs reimbursement in any way – know them here.

We intend with this campaign to promote active citizenship and social involvement of companies and employees, sensitizing and motivating all those who with this gesture of solidarity can make a difference without making a difference to them.

Help us raise awareness and motivate everyone around you.
Give a good destination to 0.5 of your IRS.

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