Francisco Fernandes (Moneris) leads MSI Human Capital discussion group on HR automation.

Francisco Fernandes MSI SIG3 scaled

Francisco Fernandes, Partner of Moneris, led yesterday the panel discussion on automation in human resources processes. This discussion took place within msi – Human Capital Specialist Interest Group (SIG) and brought together several experts in the field.

Topics such as artificial intelligence, RPA (robotic process automation) among other approaches were widely discussed.

Steven Marcus Melville, Managing Partner at Gettry Marcus, summed up this debate by saying that “technology helps companies protect and maintain their most important resources, their human capital, automating routine and mundane tasks, and allowing people to focus on higher-level, customer-facing roles.”

The present were:

  • Tawny Rodriguez, Human Resources Director Squire
  • Mina Jones Jefferson, Chief People Office Graydon
  • Steven Marcus Melville, Managing Partner, Gettry Marcus
  • Eon van Wyk, Partner at CKH Group (CFO)
  • Kelly Stofko, Human Resources Manager, Corrigan Krause CPAs
  • Nicholas Catrakilis, Chief People Officer and Treasurer, CKH Group
  • Lauren Emerson, Recruiter at Corrigan Krause
  • Sara Nunes, Director of People and Culture at Moneris

Moneris is part of one of the world’s largest networks of audit, accounting and legal services companies – the MSI Global Alliance – with a presence in more than 100 countries worldwide and more than 10,000 professionals.

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