Flexible January /IRS and IRC VAT payments from February

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After it was announced last week the easing of several tax deadlines, a SEAAF order was published that allows payment in installments of January VAT and withholding sums at the IRS and IRC source in February.

Who can benefit?

  • Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that have seen a decrease in the invoicing reported through the e-invoice of at least 25% in the monthly average of the full calendar year 2020, compared to the same period of the previous year (the statement of the decrease in the above mentioned invoicing shall be certified on the Finance Portal by certified accountant);
  • Companies with main activity of accommodation, catering and the like, or culture;
  • Companies that have started or restarted the activity as of January 1, 2020 inclusive.

Conditions for the flexibility of VAT payment

  • Possibility of payment of monthly VAT for January 2020 in three or six monthly instalments, of equal value or more 25€, without interest;
  • Applications for payments in monthly instalments are submitted and certified electronically until the end of the voluntary payment period (25/03/2021).

Conditions of flexibility of irs and irc payment

  • Possibility of payment of withholding scans at the source of IRS and IRC, for the month of February 2021, in three or six monthly installments, of equal value or more 25€, without interest.

General conditions

  • Monthly instalments are in the following way:
    • the first instalment on the date of fulfilment of the payment obligation in question;
    • The remaining monthly instalments on the same date as the following months.

How can Moneris help?

Our Crisis Management team, in addition to the support of your usual Moneris manager, is available to analyze with you the measures in force, ensuring a holistic performance in the areas of taxation, labor, financial, technological and support and incentives, with the commitment to ensure the best solutions, adapted to the context of each sector and each company.

It remains essential to continuously evaluate the state of the art, plan and adapt the activity in the short and medium term, resort to extraordinary incentives and measures, adjust business plans, treasury plans, business plans and restructure the company’s strategy.

To learn more about these changes and to apply for these supports, please contact us: gestaodecrise@moneris.pt.

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