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Fiscal context

Legal acts by distance media

Decree-Law No. 16/2020 of 15 April establishes exceptional and temporary rules for the practice of acts by means of distance communication, in the context of the covid-19 disease pandemic, allowing us to expedite the processing of urgent proceedings in the justices of the peace, facilitate applications for registration not yet available online and to continue the procedures and acts of registration, as well as to ensure the processing of procedures conducted by the National Institute of Industrial Property, I. P. (INPI, I. P.).

In the context of justices of the peace, an exceptional and temporary regime is established with a view to creating the necessary conditions for these courts to provide citizens and businesses with the urgent service that the law commits to them, enabling the use of means of distance communication, such as e-mail, telephone, teleconference or video call, for the practice of acts by all actors in the process , including justices of the peace and secretariat.

With regard to the procedures and acts of registration, considering the current restrictions on face-to-face care, for cases where there is no possibility of making applications for online registration, citizens are offered another dematerialized channel of attendance of registration services based on e-mail. Exceptionally and with a view to making life easier for citizens, in addition to the existing electronic means of payment, payment by non-target cheque or postal voucher is allowed, so that the citizen is not prevented from making applications for registration by e-mail.

In relation to the procedures conducted by the PTO, I. P., it is foreseen that the use by interested parties of the online services of this Institute, as well as the possibility of the practice of notifications by e-mail, is required.

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