Corporate Finance

Strategy and resources for your organization to grow.

Our Corporate Finance solutions are an instrument to support the development of companies and in creating shareholder value. Our value proposition is based on identifying and accessing financial resources and supporting strategic decision-making, following the development of business and companies at different stages, with services and solutions in the areas of:

Support and Incentives

We work on the various strategic aspects of support and incentives to create value for organizations, guaranteeing an integrated consultancy and comprehensive monitoring of their needs, with a multidisciplinary team specializing in three dynamics: the Community incentives, tax incentives and internationalization.


We have assembled an experienced team specialized in the processes of evaluation and financial modelling. Our experience, in contexts as different as processes of (re)privatization, evaluation of companies and business, project finance and financial modeling, brand valuation, evaluation of intangible assets for measurement of impairments, among others , allows us to have a set of professionals properly specialized in each area, in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We develop skills that allow us to monitor the Processes of Mergers & Acquisitions throughout the transaction cycle, from design to the implementation of value-added solutions. Our specialized team has a vocation in its DNA to monitor build up processes, and can help companies and entrepreneurs identify, evaluate and measure potential target companies.


We have consultants specialized in the diagnosis, evaluation and implementation of the tools necessary to monitor business restructuring, which aim to make processes more efficient and improve the levels of profitability, as well as consultants whose focus focuses on financial restructuring, based on debt renegotiation that allows the company to balance the treasury effort in a critical period.


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